As I was on the bus travelling to my home, it’s engine somehow stopped working, leaving us stranded in the highway, the bus stopped beside the Asia Pacific College. It started to get really humid inside as the air conditioning doesn’t seem to work anymore due to the engines status. I was worried about am I gonna do, are they jut going to let the passengers off to themselves to find a new transport?, although I was afraid I didn’t have enough money left to look for another transport, I still do have the money I was supposed to pay for my ride, the bus conductor didn’t even ask me for the payment, he probably just forgot, It feels a little guilty when you don’t really intend to pay the money as they didn’t ask you to, but I’m more aware of my safety due to the scarcity of my resources at this critical point of reaching home. But the bus conductor helped the passengers get to another bus going to the same or similar routes, and I got to get home safely. It was quite an event to happen around my 2 months of committing here in the Philippines.

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