Things and Things…

I have met two people I don’t like at school.  It’s a record!!!

The first one was a tall, fat guy with short blue hair.  He’s a big jerk to my friend and he’s always threatening to stab us.  He tells us we’re annoying but he’s the one following this girl around wherever she goes.  I think he has a little crush on her but if you ask me, she’s too good for him.

The other one is a tan skinned blonde girl.  She always looks so serious… I think she’s either a stick-in-the-mud or trying too hard to be mature.  But she said my friend and I were both annoying.  We weren’t even talking to her.  We were talking with the dude next to her about how to spell Llama.  I was right.  It’s spelled with two L’s.


My crush (who’s taken) doodled on my arm (the thumbnail)!  It’s a dog!  Hehe!  He didn’t notice how small my arm was until he grabbed my wrist to draw on.  I wonder if he likes it…?

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