What I’ve Been Through. – Keep Strong !

I Was Anorexic , Bullied Through Middle School and High School about my weight, Had no Real Friends , Cheated on By My First Love , Abused My My Second Boyfriend , Lost My Uncle ( he was like a father figure, looked up to him very much) , Betrayed by my father and my aunt and depressed for most of my life.

But through all of that I became stronger. I have great friends now , a guy who would do anything for me and loves me to death , I’m Healthy and Strong and I’m Happy.


Always Stay Strong! Because After Every Rain Storm , Comes Sunshine and Rainbows. And A lot of You Who Think That it is not true. It is! I Still Have Some Anxiety and Panic Attacks and I Still Get Sad Sometimes , But Surrounding Myself With Great , Loving People Always Gets Me through it.


You are Beautiful and Great in your own way , never let anyone tell you otherwise.

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