1 positive thought

It might not be enough to turn my whole world to the opposite, but i’m gonna try yet again to write something positive about myself. Every little bit helps.

I was really encourage by the comment that was left in the first entry about this subject.




It might sound a bit supercilious to say that, but I know that I am. I don’t have a lot of friends, only a couple really. But the ones that I actually have, I take really good care of. I am the kind of friend who calls maybe too often, to ask about how they’re holding up. I show up on their doorstep, unannounced just to give them some random gift I purchased at the store five minutes earlier, while thinking about them. I might be weird that way and show up with some even weirder stuff sometimes, but they actually appriciate it and the gratitude they show so obvious is what makes it all even better.

So there you go… Happy happy

One thought on “1 positive thought”

  1. My Positive thought for today inspired by you : i am a genuinely kind person , i smile at strangers in the street because there is a chance it will make them smile , i hold doors for people , i always stop and let others pass , i apologize when its not my fault and i always pick up the random toy a baby in a buggy has dropped to chase down the mother so she doesn’t lose it forever … i do this because it is me , not to gain anything not so i can ask for something in return but because it comes naturally to me … and that i don’t think is too bad

    thank you for inspiring me

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