Happy.  That’s what I am today.  I’m always a rollercoaster. It’s my own doing. I let things get in the way of my happiness. I put roadblocks up all the time. Why would I do that? Happy is good. Miserable is bad. Why do I want to make myself miserable? Anyhoo….I’m happy right now. Work is a little more active without being over the top. I need to do the things that I can while I can – while I’m not buried in a mountain of stuff.~~~~~~~~~~~My kids are great! Love those little buggers! S was sick with a fever for a day and a 1/2.  Better now an back to camp today. Tomorrow is their last day of camp for 2015. Back to school on Tuesday. D is her adorable self. My little bookworm. She just loves to read! Oh if only I could get some of that to rub off on S! He just can’t sit to read! ~~~~~~~~~~Spoke to my sister this morning on my drive in. I miss her. I don’t know what to do for her kids. I want to do something meaningful. I just don’t know what. ~~~~~~~Going to be a hot labor day weekend. We’ll keep cool at the pool hopefully.

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