A broken phone is ONLY acceptable when:

1. You have another phone…with another number.

2. You have a spare phone.

3. You have a budget ready to buy another phone…right away.

4. You have a friend or more, willing to lend you one of their phones…until you get a new one for yourself.

5. You have a family member or more, willing to do the same as stated in no.4.

6. You win a new phone through a quiz.

7. You still have people you need (and want) to stay in touch with.

8. There are people still looking for you.

9. You feel kind of isolated at times, although you try not to think about it so much.

10. You’re not a fugitive on the run.

11. You’re not a secret agent. (Well, even if you are, a broken phone or losing one shouldn’t be holding you back.)

12. You’re not on a witness’ protection program. (Well, even if you are, they usually provide you with a new phone and another number right away – but you can’t disclose that to just anybody.)

13. Basically, you’re not planning to go completely ‘off the grid’.

14. Your mind’s not wandering elsewhere and this silly list is not the result of such.


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