Life Is Like Riding A Bicycle….

Albert Einstein, German-born great physicist wrote his son, Eduard a letter. He gave this advice: “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.”

It was my first try in 1981, I wanted to learn how to ride a bike. My hubby taught me to ride a bike.

I was very shaky and unsure of myself when I got on the rented bike for the first time without training wheels. The nervous look on my face showed how much I realized that this time it was for real. We took the risk involved.

He taught me how to keep balance. If I leaned too far to one side, I would fall off. If I looked at the ground instead of looking up ahead, I would lose my balance and crash.

I grabbed those handlebars with my tightest grips as he began to walk briskly, holding onto the bike as I tried to pedal up to speed. I poured my heart into it and all my strength.

When he let go, he was prepared for the worst. He watched as I crashed to the ground a few paces ahead of him. I was discouraged by this painful start. We had to set our hearts and minds on trying again soon. If our first try is not successful, we are right back to where we began. We have to get back up and try again.

I was finally riding a new bike! Soon I improved my riding and pedaling until I didn’t need him to keep an eye on me and give me pointers any more. We were both satisfied we had reached the goal. It was my final last try.

Hop on your bike and try to keep your balance…without pedaling. Just stay stationary, pick up your feet, and see how long you can keep your balance. Not too easy, is it? When you start pedaling and moving forward, keeping your balance becomes easy, right?

Hmmm…… One time while riding a bicycle along a busy main road, I became suddenly so scared … I had never forgotten this bad experiences. But good enjoyment! Overcoming Sin Is Like Learning to Ride a Bike.

God’s love, help and forgiveness are like His hands on our bikes, and His Word is like the encouraging voice that keeps us trying. That voice today is found in His Bible, and it can be in our hearts and minds through His Holy Spirit. Through Him we can learn that we can use failures to strengthen our focus, our determination and eventually our success.

As the old saying goes, it is never too late to learn how to ride a bike!

We by faith keep moving ahead through painful and trying circumstances. But when we experience our personal failures, we lose their balances and fall. Our regrets and feelings of unworthiness of God’s forgiveness may then keep us down and we no longer move ahead in our spiritual lives.

The Bible gives us many examples of those who have experienced serious personal failures. Abraham lied to Pharaoh about his wife, Sarah (Gen. 12:11-17). Jacob deceived his father to acquire Esau’s blessing (Gen. 27:18-29). Moses disobeyed God by striking the rock instead of speaking to it (Num. 20:7-12). Despite their failures, we are told: “all these . . . obtained a good testimony through faith” (Heb. 11:39). After they fell, they turned back to God and began to follow Him again.

Have you lost your spiritual balance through a sinful choice, which is keeping you down? Repent and follow the God of second chances once again. The Christian life is like riding a bicycle—you either move forward or you fall off. So it is kind of like Jesus is running alongside us and holding the seats of our bikes as we ride along and live our lives.

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