my family

Where do i start ,ok  first of all  my life sucks  .If u think yours suck you will hate mine. my mother and grandmother are always fighting   ,its always something different .  this weeks arguments is about my mothers love life  . I don’t know  why she just cant stay out of it  like me . almost every week she reminds my   mother of what a mistake  it was going out  with my father  . Which sounds like my father wasn’t the mistake i was . I guess  thinks will be better if i was ‘t around  but she dosent have to remind me about it every week .No matter how disrespectful my grandmother is my mother wont say anything out of respect . I’m not sure if that’s a good thing  or a a bad  thing .  I know my grandmother means well and she just doing it out of love  but sometimes i wish she would just love us  less  

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