Page of Positive (please reply)

The Objective is to say something/somethings positive about yourself. Whatever you write down has to be a positive thing about you and if for any reason you get down on yourself on that day remember your positive statement and your day will be better. I will start of each “Page of Positive” with a daily affirmation.

Daily Affirmation: Today I will face any problems head on.

My positive statement: Love is just around the corner for me.

2 thoughts on “Page of Positive (please reply)”

  1. The fear of something that you have is often actually worse than the actual thing itself , and as you are the most important person in your life , as you cant be there for any one else until you are there for yourself , learn to love you !

    i took this advice today , bit the bullet and returned to education after nearly 8 years , and in my first examination i passed with flying colours … fear held me back for 8 years , all i should have done is believe in myself … and so should every one else

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