Poor Travel Time Management

I saw a green star bus and at the front of it’s window it says that it’s going to LRT Buendia, and at the back of the bus it says that route is Pacita – Lawton, did I just missed my bus?, does it go to Lawton after passing by Buendia?, but it’s not displaying a Lawton sign in front of it, the only sign I saw was LRT Buendia. I should really learn more about the transportation system here in Metro Manila, such as knowing the certain routes I can use and knowing the other possible buses or any other form of transportation that could bring me to my desired destination. I seemed to be getting late for class recently when I’m following my often planned time to leave the house which is 7:00 am and to reach my Filipino class at 9:00 am, and I though that I had a good 2 hours of travel time, that time management for every certain morning seemed to have worked pretty well before, but now I kinda get quite late, the traffic probably took place at this certain time of the season or just any event that’s causing traffic.

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