possible eyes ….calmer minds

Its amazing what a difference it makes thinking that some where out there someone may be reading what you are writing … i have lost count of how many ratty tatty note pads and mini diaries have had my thoughts and feelings about everything and anything scrawled into them in the hope it will vent it and make me feel better … but its writing to blind eyes deaf ears and ignorance surrounds a book that will probably get picked up one day when your dead and people and sorting through your stuff for the nearest charity shop… i haven’t really written anything different than what i have written in those countless pages that will be lost before they are read and yet just the thought that it is speaking out because it is there for the public to see is somehow soothing … its made me feel slightly better … does anybody else feel like this about writing on here . i write because i feel lonely … but for once i don’t feel as lonely because i wrote…

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