Trigonometry Tutorial

At some free my friends went to some student help centre, they were going to have some tutorials in trigonometry , I decided go along with them, I would probably need some help with some lessons, although I’m still confused with some basics of the subject. It went pretty okay I guess, our tutor was a 3rd year student though. I still couldn’t understand much since I’m still not familiar with the basics. At some point of his teaching, he would be asking us, “okay, so do you have any questions?”, I couldn’t even know what to ask, I don’t even know where to start, I don’t even understand what I don’t understand, I simply don’t know the subject very well, if I could say “umm… Yea, can you just repeat every single thing you said”, I don’t even think I have specific questions to ask. Sometimes he would ask so are you okay now? Do you understand this?, can we move on to our next topic?” and I just be like “… Yes…”. Oh well I guess I can learn better from my neighbour who tutors me on my studies because he seems to be teaching a lot more personally.

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