7 Steps in my meditation experience changed my life

Hello Friends,

Here is my Meditation experience just want my world to know …. Just to know not to Teach or Preach anything …. because as My meditation whole world is filled with masters who have lot of experiences… After all my only Intention is to Meditate in your busy world at least for minutes of your age(like am of 28 years and had to meditate for 28 minutes) .. Connect with your birth spirit, your soul.. know why you have been passing your current situations that is what Life is actually…

Ok as of Now let me get into my experience…

Today in my meditation , my inner voice called my spiritual parents, Master , physical parents and the masters my soul is connect with…  to  me before meditation My masters whom I am connected with came to me to get help of both my parents and masters … and my travel began as if am rotating around me, and then…..

I had been took to place where all Diamonds are fixed , my masters said to me
that they are going to heal me as my daily process. And they explained the process
to me as follows:
Masters Healing :
The cosmic energy eneters into diamonds in the form of how we feel existance of cosmic energy.
Then Diamond emerges all the beam into 7 colors to heal all our 7 chakras..
Now, the 7 colors of light enters into our body and removes all the unnessary things
in us..As there is no bad thing in the universe, only we swallow all unnecessary things into us.
My experience:
The process continued in the same way to me… the way of removing unecessary is still in my conscious mind
The Diamond send some beam of light into my stomach which started sorting out all my
negatives out of my soul…. practically not body, but soul…!Thats how I remember..
Conclusion of Healing:
After the completion of process I am still in a thought that may be having some unecessary things with me ….
fearing for my logical mind that it will start its logic …Then
My Masters explained me that when a single ray of cosmic energy enters into a living body then surely all the
unecessary things convert into light and flows out away… !! I experienced that light passing through my body.
After this they explained me some points to know… that is when we hold energy in us and doesnt use the energy then
mind holds the energy as Heavy painful fire..
Neck feels it as huge bag of Water…
Heart holds the heavy bag inthe form of air..
Stomach keeps it as a huge bag of stones …
To clean all these just share your energy to the world…

And Gave me a Drink for my happiness…
I still remember the design of cup and drink init…
I felt I may be unable to drink as am soul and cannot drink it…
Bt the drink itself came to me with my masters help and I remember swallowing it also…… and Happiness filled in my soul
after drinking it…..

Never know meditation has such a power in ones life… I am really Gratefull to my master, Spiritual parents, Physical parents
and also masters connected to me…

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