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Well we are less than an hour away from departing for Captain Jacob’s football game in Marquette. It is about a 5 and half hour drive and maybe longer because it is a holiday weekend. I’ve packed lunch, snacks and drinks. I would say I did so for Zander who is riding with us, but truthfully, it is as much for me as him. Those who know me are keenly aware it is not wise to pass feeding time. I would not do well as a survivalist.
Chores are done, clothes packed because we are spending the night, and I had a few moments left to write a few thoughts before we leave.
School starts on Tuesday so I managed to snatch Zander a few days this week. On Wednesday, we took a bike ride and visited places he and his brother you use to go, including an area that they use to ride and jump bikes. Zander exclaimed “this brings back memories” and I could not help but laugh. You don’t think of 11 year olds reminiscing about the past, but he too misses the good ole days when he and his brother spent time together at Grandma’s house.
This blog mostly focuses on Jacob so I thought I would share a few things about his brother, Zander, who is a joy to be around. We have lots of grins and giggles from spending afternoons on the lake playing in the water and having important life discussions to riding in the car and getting a gentle slug Bug punch in the arm. Whenever someone spots a VW Bug you are suppose to say “Yellow (or whatever the color) Slug Bug” while you punch the person in the arm and then say “No Slug Bugs Back” so the other person can’t slug you back. Zander is much better at spotting them, and I use the excuse that I have to pay attention to the road. On the one occassion that I spotted a blue one first, I was told it wasn’t blue it was “light blue” to which I acuused him of making up rules. This brought indignite protests of my not paying attention when he expalins the rules, and I couldn’t help but laugh. Fortunately, Zander knows he can’t really slug his Granny so it’s a lot of fun.
Another summer has come to a close and the boys will be in school soon. Not much longer and the boat will come out of the water and the dock pulled onto shore, and Granny will again be left with summer memories. At least there is football! Speaking of which I will sign off as our departure time is getting close! Results of the game may be a little late as we won’t get home until Saturday evening. And, a very big thanks to Ana and Adam for staying with our “girls” giving us a dog free trip.

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