He Needs Me! He Cut Himself!

Last night I was working on a school project when I got several texts from my crush (who’s taken) saying he needs to know where I live.  I thought that was really weird but I guess he ran away.  He told me his parents said as long as he’s in their house, he can’t be gay or trans.  He also found a tree house and slept in it.  Today at school he came without his bookbag so I guess he left it at home when he ran away.  It was only today I learned he was cutting himself and cut his hair off the other night and just recently I found out his parents put him in a mental hospital.  A lot has happened to him lately as you can tell from this journal but I don’t think he deserves any of this.  He was supposed to hang out with me today and I could make him feel better.  I still like him…

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