Is Procrastination Inevitable?

As of always, I finished my report at a really late time of night, it seems like I can’t control this habit easily, there has been many thins I wanted to prioritise first, but what’s more necessary is of course finishing what must be necessarily done, but I seem to push those important things to be done slightly further in time. The things that distract me are like sirens that brainwash me, leading me to be attracted to them leaving some things behind. I seem to have always planned to do things in right given time, but when I was given that time, I just take those for granted, I delay things so often, that my final work wouldn’t be really the high quality I would want it to be. I needed more self discipline, I should treat myself more strictly, but not too strict that I would abuse my self by forcing, but strict enough to get things done for god’s sake.

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