It’s been a week and I’m fiending for my drug of choice

You all of you, your body and your voice

Start out touching me and me pulling back

This time I won’t drag it out I want straight to the act

You like it rough, so mark you up with my lips and teeth

Pull up  your shirt so I can feel all of whats underneath

You pull my pants down to my knees

And then put your fingers wherever you please

I’m dripping so fucking wet, you do this every time

Take it all off baby, I just want to feel our bodies intertwine

We never just go completely slow because this is lust

We don’t make any type of love it would require too much trust

We stare in the mirror back at the reflection of you and me

Moaning in perfection as you keep going deep

I’ll let you pull my hair, choke my neck, then kiss my cheek

I stare at me, then stare at you as you keep going

I’ve already gone twice baby, so I’m no longer moaning

I’m just breathing in getting exhausted by you

Go as fast as you want keep it going til you’re through

We don’t make love, we just fuck, it’s lust

We don’t make love, we just fuck, because love takes too much trust.


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