The Challenges in life

The biggest challenges in life is to forgive someone trust me I know I had lots of experience. For example me and my dad I can never forgive him for what he did. He emotionally and verbally abused me. He hurt me so much and I can never forgive him for that. Sometimes I think to myself what if I did forgive him????. What would I be like if I did???. Or what would he be like???. Would my life be better???. Would I have had sex with Jordan the pothead????. If my dad wouldn’t have stopped me???. Where would I be now???. I know what you guys are all thinking. WOW  a 13 year old talking about having sex. What’s this world coming to. Well everybody is having sex at 12 years old and I wasn’t planning on having sex anyway I meant would he stop me in the future. Comment down below if you think I should forgive him.?????

One thought on “The Challenges in life”

  1. I’m already 20 years old but I haven’t been into that sex thingy. And for your questions, Yes you should forgive your father simply because he’s your father. It’s a love needed not wanted.

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