This world has gone too cruel
So many have played the fools
by avoiding bad news like a plague
There’s too much that no one can take

Yes, this world is much too cruel
especially for pure, innocent souls like yours
What if humanity has been cursed?
No one else had wanted to put you first

You looked like you were asleep
as you were cast away from the ocean’s deep
You were more than just a tiny blob of red and blue
If only we’d known better and more what to do

Will there be more like you?
I know you weren’t the one and only
My God, they said you were only three
Your parents had tried their hardest to protect you and your brother too
anything for your safety

Perhaps you had been asleep
There’s no consolation for a cut so deep
You’d looked so peaceful, but we’re forever haunted by this horror
having learned that your body was lifeless ashore

I believe you are safe in the arms of The Almighty
Now your soul has been set free
May someday you be reunited with your family
in Eternal Paradise called “Al-Jannah” – and nowhere else you’ll be…


(Jakarta, 5/9/2015 – 7:00 pm)


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