Ubia’s Sentiment

This is a sentiment from a dear friend I just wanna share to make her somehow realize that she’s beautiful and she deserves all the love and happiness in life. Hoping someday someone will come and show you your worth and give you everything you most deserve. ♥


“I like this certain guy. He doesn’t know though, and perhaps he never will. I am just an average girl: short not pretty, and not intelligent while he’s someone other girls would also fall for. I know there isn’t any chance that he will like me back but my heart refuses to believe that reality. Still, in moments of complete desolation, I dream of an impossible future with him. I’ve told myself over and over again to stop this nonsense because it will lead nowhere, but my heart is just stubborn. Each passing day, my feelings for him seem to grow stronger, wanting to break free like a wild animal struggling to let loose from its chains. Sometimes I just get jealous of other girls that get to talk to him because even for a short span of time, they’ve exchange their thoughts while here I am filled with words and feelings stuck inside of me. But it has etched in my mind that these feelings could never be revealed. I know that my love for him will remain caged until it dies. Through time, I have managed to admire him from afar. However, I am sick of the pain, sick of the longing, sick of hoping. Deep in the corners of my heart, I long for the day when I no longer smile at the sound of his laughter, and no longer ache at the thought of him. Maybe someday that will come. And I hope that whenever that time comes, it will be the day someone tells me all the mess things I’ve longed to tell him. I hope it’s the day someone save me from all this pain and tell me that I am worthy to be loved too. Someday, hopefully, all this pain will be worth it.”


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