Weekly Rain

Ever since I settled here in the Philippines, I seem to notice that has been raining every single week, and I mean every single week!, is it really normal here in the Philippines?, my perspective of this country is like a wet nation, it’s like the atmosphere contains too much H2O. There was this thunderstorm this evening, I took probably dozens of photos from my Iphone, picturing from the bus window which was so wet from the other side seeing little droplets of water streaming down, I really think it looks cool as if it was some sort of natural occurring art, most of my shots are focused on those little droplets blurring out what was further outside, I was a little cautious about how awkward I would look when people see me just randomly picturing out the window as if some crazy is going on outside, but I just didn’t mind that much and just did what I did, and I think it was amazing to experience in that moment being outside, because it doesn’t really rain that much back in Kuwait, Kuwait is simply a desert covered in roads and constructions covering the area. I think most of the trees there, beside pine trees, are not really natural I guess, they just probably just plant it there to make the country seem more greener and greenish in some corners. But here in the Philippines is just Wow!, It’s like I got all culture shocked since the environment looks very different from where I’m from. There just so many trees! so many damn trees!, that I think a tree planting campaign would be less in need because the Philippines is already a huge forest itself. I just wonder how polluted they say this country is with just how green it looks, oh well I still saw some trash bags beside a bunch of trees in some areas I saw as look out observing everything new from the taxi window.

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