Blackpool Bubble

so me and the hubby went to Blackpool yesterday the first time we had ever set foot on a beach together and it was such an amazing day we managed to tick off two bucket list entries first going on the beach together it was better than I could have imagined we both get just as excited about looking for shells n creatures as each other and the time flew with a hoard of shells in the freezing cold we entered the sea soaking our jeans but we didn’t care that we had no towels or dry clothes he always pushes me out of my comfort zone and I always feel amazing for it !!! It felt like the first time for ages e was happy that just me n him exist in the world felt so much like the old days hearing him laugh so often like before… We managed to have a good look around get some awesome photos n even watch the sun setting cuddled on the beach … Another bucket list job for us was the pasaje del terror it was amazing I have never seen or heard him truly scared before n he screamed out and sounded so manly n he clung on to me as much as I did him I know there was a physical reason for it but it was nice to feel he needed me … So good … It seems like all the problems here we left behind even tho he couldn’t stay off his god damn Facebook all day and yet didn’t end make one post to thank me for his surprise trip although on gettinbj he was glued to Facebook n I made posts about him …. Men eh … I changed my prof pic to a pic of us I know I will be gutted when he doest do thebsamw but hey its what I wanted to do … T day made me so happy just wish it could always feel likenwe are in our bubble …

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