Dying my hair teal!

More specifically, Manic Panic’s “Enchanted Forest“. I’ve been coveting this color for many years and I decided to take the plunge and give myself gorgeous, blue-green mermaid hair. Because screw being a “grown up”.

I’ve been suppressing my real self for too long. I just smile and let people walk all over me, only speak when spoken to, etc. “Toning down” every trace of eccentricity in me to make other people happy. Not anymore. I want green hair, I’m going to have green hair. I want to dress like a witch, I’m going to dress like a witch. I want to dance along to the old New Wave songs from long before I was born, the same music that pulses through my veins and speaks to me. I’m going to dance. I’m not going to shrug it off as “cheesy 80’s music”. I want to make art, I’m going to make art and add my own personal touch to everything I lay my hands on. I’ve been denying myself these things for too long. Being an “adult” has gotten in the way. I have a job that consumes almost all of my time. And when I have any downtime, I’m always much to tired and lethargic to do anything. While the dress code is very lax (I have all three of my facial piercings visible, as well as my 1/2″ ear lobes, and I currently have a single streak of turquoise in my bangs), I still try to “tone it down” so that I don’t get harassed by creeps. But now, I really don’t care. I’m 24. I fulfill all of my “adult” responsibilities. But it seems that I don’t care for myself as much as I should. I put my job first. My life revolves around my job. My life revolves around the approval of everyone else. But not anymore. From now on, I’m only going to see my job as a temporary thing that I use to make money. I won’t be lost without it. From now on, me and my personal happiness are #1.

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