Everyday Blessings

I am thankful for a bed to sleep on at night. I often don’t think about how blessed I am for this but when you think about all the people around the world who do not have a place to call their home and about all the homeless, even in the U.S., it kind of changes your perspective on thankfulness. My bed is not a cot, I have multiple blankets to cover me and keep me warm during the winter time and a heater as well. So many people have to either sleep on the floor or on structures that definitely are not comfortable to sleep on, in terrible conditions during the hot and cold seasons. Thinking about how thankful I am for a bed makes me feel bad about the times I neglect to make my bed and keep my room tidy, as so many people would do anything to get what I have. I have clothes, but either not taking care of them as I should simply forgetting what I’ve been given; everything can be taken away from me in a heartbeat and sometimes I wonder if it should be for me to realize just how much I’ve been given. I think that’s the mentality of a lot of people in general. You don’t know what you have until you’ve lost it. I am thankful for this realization and reminder as I ponder this thought.

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