It’s been a while, as usual. I’ve been busy, poorly juggling portions of my life and trying to work on a proper balance. A lot has been going on lately.

Hazel Eyes and L have officially moved to the same old apartment he’d been in years ago.

What about me?

I’m still the same, probably working even harder and becoming busier than before. Work, work, work – that’s all I do. A writer, a teacher, a translator – all in one go. The only social life I have is the writers’ club. I see them every Thursday night.

Duma and David’s wedding is on September 13. Actually, I kind of feel guilty with Hazel Eyes. Before Tony B. proposed the idea of us going to the wedding together, I’d asked Hazel Eyes first and he’d said yes. (Of course, he’s my best friend!) Then he’s got L now and I know that he’d love it if L could go to the wedding too, which I don’t mind. L’s okay. We get along well.

But then, Tony B. asked me. I’d said yes to him and then told Hazel Eyes all about it. Of course, he’s my ever-supportive best friend, because he knows how I feel about Tony B. Hazel Eyes is happy for me. He’ll just be going there with L – and probably Hazel Eyes’ friend and my acquaintance Rizki.

But I still feel guilty. Although they do know each other too, I’m not sure if Duma has invited Hazel Eyes as well and he’s already excited to go.

Oh, well. We’ll see. Let’s hope it won’t become an issue…

Not only that, though. Tony B. has also asked me to meet up with him for coffee a day before the wedding. How did that happen? Well, Hazel Eyes had bugged me about getting more info about Tony B’s visit to Jakarta. I didn’t want to at first, because I didn’t want to seem too eager. (You know what I mean.) But then I got to talk to Vince online and learned that Tony B. would be staying somewhere in Thamrin before the wedding.

I got curious, so I ended up asking Tony B. himself on text message about it. After he confirmed hat yes, he was – he suddenly asked me if I were still working at the same language school every Saturday. When I said yes, he suggested that we meet for coffee after my teaching hours – somewhere nearby.

I think you all can tell that I can’t hardly wait for the next weekend to come. Once again, it’s completely out of the blue!

However, my enthusiasm in seeing him again was a bit tampered by what happened next. A day after that, his text came so suddenly in the morning:

Him: “Morning, hun. How are you?”

Me: “Uh, I’m fine. Thanks. Err…are you okay?”

Seconds passed. I waited anxiously, staring at my phone. I swear to God, that didn’t sound like him at all.

Him: “Oh, sorry. That was supposed to be for Risna.”

(Risna’s his ex-girlfriend. (-__-“) )

Me: “Hahahahahahahahahahaha!” (Actually, despite this reply that I’d sent, I was genuinely cursing inside…at myself, mostly.)

Him: “Glad to hear you’re okay. How’re things?”

Me: “I’m all good, thanks. Working on my second book. Aww, are you getting back together with her? That’s good!”

Him: “Nah, we’re just good friends.”

Me: “Still, it’s good to hear that you two are on good terms with each other.”

I know, I know – I sound so pitiful. It’s a good thing that I am a skeptic sometimes. At least now I know, so I don’t expect too much. In fact, it’s always best to never expect anything at all from anyone. It’s better safe than sorry.

Who am I kidding? It’s obvious that he’s still not over her yet, which is understandable. Besides, I’m not looking for another LDR (long-distant relationship.) All I know that it only leads to pain.

Anyway, we had special guests at the writers’ club gathering last Thursday night. Nina invited her two Eastern European, traveller friends – Vladimir (“Vlad”) from Bulgary and Mark from Russia. Two funny, loud, and very chatty fellows. I don’t know why; I just liked them right off!

I even translated / interpreted Monique’s story during the reading session, only because Vlad asked me to. (Not all of us write in English, so I sometimes volunteer as a translator / interpreter for our fellow participants / guests from abroad.) Monique’s story was interesting, sweet and moving. It was about a baby gazing at the mother for the very first time.

Surprisingly, Mark asked for my phone number. (Of course, for now, I had to give him my temporary ones – the one I borrowed from L and another from my brother.) Then Nina drove Vlad, Mark, and me home….


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