Right and wrong … please reply

Two statements but which is right ??? And why???

Statement A ::: If you look for things that I do that I may have done that upset you , and you find I have , then that is your fault you are upset , if you left it alone and did not know then you could just be happy so I’m not sorry .

Statement B ::: I only look because once I caught you out by mistake … Now the unknown tears me up inside just as much as the known … Surely if you weren’t doing things that you know upset me I would have nothing to find and I would be happy … But you we constantly doing these things and they are constantly found … So its not my fault i am upset it is yours … Should you just not be doing these things if you are committed and love me like you say you do?

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  1. Wow, hard question. I think I would go with B. And mind, I AM doing things that would upset my partner a lot if he knew. If he ever found out I would consider it my fault because I would have failed in concealing them. He had already told me, without knowing (but maybe guessing) the relevance of his words, that he wants to be deceived rather than be told a truth that would leave him forever wondering where I am and what I am doing behind his back. Yes, I do things he doesn’t want me to do, but the least thing I owe him is comfortable ignorance.
    However, I guess one can not generalize these things.

  2. Hello Firelily thaank you for relpying and thank you for yuor honesty … i have told my husband that i would rather know the truth and then be given the choice as to whether this is where i want to be or not than live being made an idiot of behind my back pretending everything is ok wasting my life when i could be with someone that would love me enough not to do the things they know hurt me and wouldnt strictly be considered “right” within a relationship … i have played the fool too many times i guess but what i dont appreciate is being made out to be the one in the wrong when i am not the one doing the hurtful things … i hope that everything with you and your partner works out you are respecting his wishes and that over all is the right thing to do

  3. A stable relationship can withstand a lot of unusual situations as long as there is mutual respect.

    As for your case: you are DEFINITELY not the one in the wrong. Don’t let anybody tell you that.

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