Saturday musings before work

I woke up today bright and early at 5:30 in the morning. The sky was still dark and I was excited by the prospect of watching it brighten. I laid in my bed and said “Thank You”. Waiting for the sun to rise is like waiting for a movie to start when you’re 15 years old. There is anticipation. There is a waiting period that you’re not sure you can stomach, but you know you’ll survive the situation. Out of nowhere the sky was lighter – it was just enough to make the clouds discern-able. They hang in layers, almost like a theater set. There are some in the foreground and some to the back – there is always a star cloud at center stage. ¬†Supporting clouds stage left, stage right. They are usually my favorite. They might be super cute or long and wispy. Their smallness is interesting to me. As the sun brings light up from the horizon the clouds take on new shapes. The light catches and hits them from varying angles as the earth turns and there is a spectacular light show. I watched it for hours, completely entertained and wanting for nothing. The simpler my life, the better lately.

I did some yoga and meditation and I felt at peace. I fed myself clean food and I readied myself to leave for the day. A lack of preparation had some anxiety stirring inside of me. I had just enough time and had a successful open house, followed by an enjoyable open house. My friends stopped by the second one and I enjoyed showing them around. We fantasized about living in the condo and talked about what we would do – we drooled over the view and had an easy time. I took my last visitor with me and enjoyed his company as I drove him home.

We held hands and chatted about his future plans. He is adorable and sometimes I think he is finding his bearings. He is highly trained and extremely capable, but I think he is a fish out of water right now. He isn’t aloof or lost – just adapting to a lack of structure. Although, he builds it into his life and he can manage himself. I like the way he grabs me – we met in a public place yesterday evening and I had my earbuds in and I was turning a corner. I felt someone grab me by the arm and take me for a kiss. It made me weak.

He lives in a blue house by a baseball park off a main street. It was cute and I was happy to see where he lives.


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