I know that I deserve way better than I have. My boyfriend doesn’t want me but I still want him. I want him and only him. No matter how shitty he treats I still want him and I don’t fucking know why. I don’t want to be alive sometimes. I don’t deserve the shit I go through but I put myself through it. All I want is for someone to treat me right. I want someone to understand me and to listen to me. I want to be heard and I’m tired of everything.

One thought on “help”

  1. Listen you don’t have the right to treeat yourself like that if he doesn’t want you in his life make him regret all the pain that he made you throught or fuking forget him he s not worth it. I promise if he doesnt listen to you and he is not there for you when you need him then forget him… You deserve much better.. !!!!

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