The feeling of not feeling at all

Well this day sucks so bad and for no paticular reason at all, which really is the most upsetting part about it.

I cant really tell what it is.. I just woke up this morning with this feeling of not feeling at all.. Does that even make any sence??

I spend the whole first hour awake staying in bed, just staring out in the air, feeling like everything had just stopped right there.

I didn’t want to move out of that spot. I just wanted to stay in bed really, and be completely pointless to the universe for a while. I think I did a pretty good job.



It’s been going on all day really. It feels like my head is spinning. So full of all kinds of thoughts and impressions, but I can’t sort them out like I use to.

They just whirl around inside my head like a hurricane and makes me feel like Im starting to go completely insane. Again.

That’s my biggest fear really.

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