the mail should be here within the next hour and my herbals with it. it’s been rough. i can move for short bursts, but then i have to rest for like an hour even after sitting up on a stool to do a few dishes. (sigh) the 1st smoke will knock me on my ass (always does) but i’ll adjust quickly and be able to sit up for a while and get some more creative work done and make an attempt at catching this up properly.

the sketch? well, a lizard came to visit the other day. i’m trying to get the little rascal identified. mind you, i live in Cincinnati, Ohio  (it could be an introduced species or a released/escaped pet. i consulted a local Herp expert and he has NO clue. he’s about 10cms long and his skin was more leathery/pebbled than armored/scaley. cute little rascal and he/she was absolutely FEARLESS too. i was almost nose to nose with him for more than 5 minutes, just enjoying his company (which lends credence to the whole escaped/released pet thing, right?)


well, i’m going to make another stab at cleaning (picking up the cats toys so i can vacuum after i have the herbals) but i’m around.



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