I found out my grandfather has cancer today. He didn’t tell it himself, my mom called me.. I didn’t really know how to respond to that, so I just said “Oh, Okay.” Now I feel so stupid for not comforting her, I guess that’s what she really needed from the call.

Anyway he didn’t want to tell anybody, so I guess he doesn’t know, that i know. Other than that he doesn’t wanna realize how bad it really is and he refuses to get treatment, which is his choice I get that, but I’m so angry about him being so selfish.

He’s old i know, but other than this cancer-thing, he never even got a flue. He’s the only man i know, who at the age of 76 is riding his bike for 11 miles every day just because he feels like it and mow the lawn with a manual forced machine.

My grandfather is the only person in my family I can truly see myself in. Our personalitys are so much alike. I look like him a lot in many ways really.

When I was a kid, I remember him always sitting in his chair with his newspaper, looking so thoughtful and serious. He would only speak out loud when there was something really important for him to say. I used to be a bit afraid of him then. But today I realize that I really wasn’t. I respect him for being this man of few words, always working hard to support his whole family and helping out the weaker ones, even if he didn’t have that much for himself. He’s an honorable man.

I would really hate for him to just sit around and wait for this to really become ugly, to me it sounds like giving up without even trying. That’s how i see it, but I couldn’t say that to my mom. You don’t say that out loud.

I really believe that it’s because he’s to proud to go through this. To be taken care of, but that’s out of my comprehension. I don’t agree with that at all, but at the end of the day, there’s not so much anybody can really do about it. It’s his choice.

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