Joey Is Home, But Not Responding.

Apparently he’s been home for a while since he was at the Mental Hospital.  The only one who had known was his girlfriend and I’ve been here for days worrying sick about him!  I’m not going to say anymore, I have other things to do…

2 thoughts on “Joey Is Home, But Not Responding.”

  1. Sorry, I was a little upset that day. I’m more than happy to explain!

    You see, Joey is a guy I like from school. He’s transexual and gay. His parents found out last Thursday and they’re pissed! So he cut himself, his hair, left his bookbag at home, etc. I felt really bad for him when I found out on Friday. I could see his scars… then by the end of the day he stopped messaging me. Turns out, he was sent to a Mental Hospital. He was there for a while and now he’s at home, still not answering. His girlfriend hasn’t been coming to school either. I think I only care because I’m just jealous of her and I want to know what’s so special about her. We still haven’t met… but I guess she’s a nice person. I’m upset because I want to know if he’s OK and if we can hang out like he said he would. He hasn’t yet. I’m not sure if he’s dead, if his parents grounded him, or what. But it bothers me a lot!

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