Intense Rain

I think I just experienced the heaviest rain in my entire life, I have never seen so much water come down from the skies, the rain that just happened was never like the ones in Kuwait, the rain here in Philippines is just too much, should I get used to this?

My clothes got wet from moving across a flood, there was so much water streaming across in the streets the roads were like swimming pools that contains the water. My shoes got wet so I got to buy some of the cheapest slippers I can find, I almost lost one of it’s pair, as I walk through the flood I somehow lost grip with one of my slippers and it just floated away, thankfully I caught it otherwise I would be so confused of what to do whether to go all the way back to the shoe store or to continue my way to the bus terminal bare footed, the rain was so dramatically heavy and intense that my umbrella could do very little help since this isn’t really the rain where it just includes little droplets of water but it’s like water was being poured from a titanic bucket from high in the atmosphere.

I somehow enjoyed my experience, I even hope it could happen again soon.

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