I have always been fascinated by some comedians who (seem to) know how to create lasting, good-quality jokes. I must admit that it is not an easy career, especially since I myself have no idea how to write even one funny story. Even if some may find me funny, that is usually purely by accident – or related to private jokes. (For example: the kind of jokes that ONLY my best friend and I could understand while the rest go: “Huh??”)
These comedians (should) know how to create jokes that not only make people laugh, but also get them to stop and think. Sometimes, our laughter just stops the moment we recognise the hint of irony behind their jokes – that if we are perceptive and empathetic enough to notice. It is even better if people can remember the jokes and still laugh about them. It is also far better if they can re-tell the jokes, all with the same manners and sense of hilarity. (If you cannot, then you need not push it. Not everyone is meant to be the life of a party or the class clown.)
Everyone has their own ideas of what makes a joke funny. Some may love slapstick jokes, for it is easy to understand and people do not have to think too hard when watching any. Some may love stand-up comedy, where comedians must come up with a bunch of interesting tales that should make the audience laugh. It is not easy.
It takes creativity, intelligence, and empathy to create lasting, good-quality jokes. You have to be creative, because you ought to think like there is no box at all – not just outside it. Look beyond what you see.
You also have to have the intelligence for good jokes. A lot of people are smart enough to understand some jokes, but one must be even smarter to create any. Catch up with the latest trends. Read and watch the news.
What about the empathy? Do not leave that behind. You may think everything can be (or is) funny. You may not take life – or people’s feelings, for that matter – seriously.
However, people are different. Not everybody is just like you or shares the same understanding and/or sense of humour. What you think as funny may be offensive or insulting to them. This is where self-centredness has no room and your instinct should play well, like taking on the right cues and using the appropriate punchlines. Your audience’s cultural backgrounds (should) also factor your joke-sharing decisions. You do not wish for your jokes to sound as good as some rotten, filthy garbage thrown into a dumpster. No one would ever like to have the fun sound more like an insult or harrassment, unless they are bullies. No one wants to end up in a lawsuit, unless you are the kind to look for instant popularity. There have been examples.
I am not a joker and I do not think I will ever become one. I have seen regular, everyday people try to become that way too – the ‘so-called’ comedians. They think it is okay to make fun of your weight everytime you meet, as if that is the only think they see in you and the only topic they can come up with during conversation. I have seen too many men – and sadly, even women too – make fun of and laugh at jokes about women’s body parts and clothes they wear, unaware (or perhaps ignorant?) that it could happen to someone they know, like their mothers, sisters, daughters…you name them. Then again, who cares, right? They are in the majority, so they think it is okay and normal. What ‘rape culture’? If you do not like it, they can simply tell you to bug off and not be so bloody sensitive.
What if they think you are just too damn serious? Well, the world still needs serious people, in hopes that the rest will not take everything for granted and belittle the feelings of others. Remember that tables can turn and they really do. Perhaps they need a serious wake-up call, like a direct, personal slap in the face that… no, they are not funny. Their jokes just stink. There is nothing funny about making jokes about other people’s weight problems, body parts, or laughing at other people’s misfortunes.
These so-called, lame comedians need to be the laughing stock once in a while so they will know how it feels. If after that they are still the same, perhaps they do not mind being treated as broken records or some low-brow shows…

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