11 September 2015- Love is complicated…

Have you ever just been sitting there smiling just to stop the tears from falling? Saying ‘I’m fine’ and ‘nothing wrong’ because it’s easier to fake a smile through it than to explain what’s wrong? No one else understands it. Especially heartbreak. You have no one to turn to because they all just turn back to you and say ‘I told you so’. He knew how you felt. He knew what he was doing. But he still did it didn’t he? He doll broke your heart. Heartbreak can lead to a lot of things, overthinking, trust issues, loneliness, mental disorders such as depression and many more (depending on how serious). He had so much control over you didn’t he? Over your emotions. He held your heart in his hand because you trusted him. He made you feel special didn’t he? Like the only girl in the world right? But then he left… He gave up… And left you in ruins.

Love is a hard thing. You will never love anyone like you loved them. You never love two people the same way. The hardest part is moving on from something you have wanted for so long. Something I have had to start thinking about recently is to go with my head or my heart. Long story short my heart is staying stick with it but my head is telling me to move on. I explain it in more depth on my Instagram a few posts back. I got quite a bit of feed back from my followers which i was surprised about but the votes counted out as even. What do you think? Please read that post and let me know.


That Girl <3


Relatable song of the week: Lost Love by Connie Tilbert

‘I’d rather not live at all

Than live my life with nothing to show.

Lost love we gave it our all,

but we’ rather love and loose than not love at all’

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