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Tears! That’s what inside of me as of the moment but just can’t let go. Just don’t know. I really hate to be alone, literally because it will let me in into the world of purely realizations.
Last last night, I had this Horror Movie Hallucinations striked into my system and Whoa! I suffered from restlessness. I am not schitzophrenic, psychotic, delusional but I had this disorder. I shoudn’t watch horror movies and all with that genres. I slept only an hour then wake up again since it is morning hahaha. I really hate this events. The moment I close my eyes, images formed in my brain and they haunts me, they want to eat me, to get me. And they’re horrible, scary, frightening. I prayed and prayed. I am so tired and my eyes really want to sleep so am I but I can’t sleep with my eyes wide open so images won’t form in my brain. I heard voices and noises that actually didn’t exist. I always said that I can fight this. It’s either fight or flight but I still can’t. Like every move I made, they’re watching but I don’t know who are they. Hallucinations! Please leave me alone’.
Moreover, I am tired physically, emotionally and all life’s aspects. I had to prepare for the report this Sunday for the projects and re-enactment. Saturday first defense implementation and second defense documentation plus I am learning Japanes plus journals and everything. Wow! I dunno where to put those stuffs in my brain anymore.
Anyways, I can make ways. Well, life! Still great! Still Good! Still fighting and still breathing (Sigh)..
I have many things in my brain but the moment I write them, they’re all gone. It’s like they’re afraid to be written. Well, let me introduce myself first. I had a long introduction above but I will try to make it short, I mean my biography. Student? Yes I am. Teen? Yes 18 actually. Gender? Female Of course. Course? Computer Networking/Networks. Hobbies? Watching Formula1 (Not Playing cause I’m not a driver nor a racer, just a watcher.) Playing Online Games, surfing the net for interesting articles, subcribe here and there for daily foods for the brain. Love TEDX Talks (they’re just awesome) Love’s reading but shamely I haven’t finish reading the book of God (Bible) seriously. Loves modern music. Crush? Secret! They changed from time to time. Loves anime, graphics and appreciates all forms of art (even talking or eating) 🙂 Love Apple products though don’t have one. Well I’m a tech-savvy but not so savviness. Loves eating, traveling and jammin’. Mostly liked but not loved. That’s me. Whoa what an introduction:P I am normal (but sometimes acts abnormally) Weird too.
I’m funny and always happy (cheerful in short) though I have my own problems. They asked me why I am funny? Of course, life is so good to be sad by it. Yeah, I know how to be sad and I know how to cry too but I don’t want anyone to know about it. Because it’s me, myself and I. It’s my problems, it’s my sadness, it’s my story, I’m the hero not them. I don’t want them to include to my dramatic world. How happy and cheerful I am is how dramatic I am in reality. I faced reality, I always do even though I know it us as cruel as the lions that are not tamed. But it’s reality. As what I have read and watched, we are here to Love. Anger will still go on, Problems will still go on, Discriminations will still go on and all sickness (physically and emotionally) will still go on but at the end of the day, we will still going to that very simple word yet unexplainable feeling, Love. That’s how powerful Love is.

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