I don’t want you to be my everything.
None of us know what tomorrow can bring.
These days, love has become so cheap,
its meaning lost in the mouth of a creep.

No, I know you’re not a creep.
Hopefully neither am I, ‘though I keep losing that bigger chunk of my sleep.
How can this still be?
Why can’t I return to the old me?

I’m afraid to allow you to become my everything.
I can’t just feel; I also need to think.
Yet this is still real and scary.
Where do I go from here?

Is it too late to save my soul?
I don’t want your absence in my life to become a gaping hole
but I still want you here, if only longer than a while
You’re one of the reasons I still want to smile

I’m still trying my hardest not to let you become my everything
‘though your existence keeps making my heart sing.
Then again, who knows?
Only God The Almighty decides how this goes…


(Jakarta, 8/9/2015 – 10:45 am)

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