What can i do

How do you say goodbye, to someone Who you have known and loved for what seems like an eternity?

It’s really not nice when someone you’re use to love being around becomes so toxic to you. You can actually feel the life being sucked out of you for every moment you spend with that person.

It becomes really dangerous, when you see them on such a sidetrack, without even looking back.

It drags you down with them, if you don’t stop to think about yourself. It’s okay to think about yourself. To be a little selfish and put your own well being first. After all this is not your life to live. It’s theirs.

You can’t save someone Who doesn’t believe they need saving. But it hurts to see someone you love destroying that beautiful person they once were.

I really believe that It’s still inside there, somewhere It’s just not visible to the eye just now.

I miss being able to talk to you. To laugh about stupid jokes and cry for the bad things together. I miss the times when we shared everything. Now you dont share anymore and I can’t talk to someone that’s only there physically. The mind is gone and you have changed into something that scares me.

I thought about just cutting you off, but It’s really Hard, when youre so obviously in so much pain. I love you and I can’t really say that about a lot of people. But you’re no longer the friend i once had. You need to stop what it is you’re doing, or you will end up like one of those guys that we used to hear about in the news, when they weren’t anymore.

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