Today, just like yesterday, I haven’t done any significant thing and, as I don’t have any other better thing to do at 20:03 I started writing here. What have I done today? I went to the supermarket to buy a few things (and I only got one) and I have spent alone the rest of the day, so I could read a bit. My family has gone out and I didn’t feel like going with them (they went to a boring concert), and as always, my sister tried to make me feel guilty for not going with her and leaving her alone with my parents. Hey, if you don’t want to be alone with them because yo get bored, just don’t go.

This week is being too boring. Nobody wants to hang out because they are preparing the new course, so I have more time to think about it and feel guilty because of my lack of trying to advance in any subject.

The other day I met my cousin in the underground. She’s younger than me (also a teenager) and, as her friends had left, I asked her to stay with me and my friends. Ungratefully, my friends behave as bad as possible and her face was like a poem. That, without counting with my best friend (a girl) calling me “honey” in front of her (okay, it is a less usual word here and I don’t know any similar word in English, it’s used for too close people). Now, my entire family will think that I’m probably gay. It wouldn’t have been so bad if I hadn’t discovered a few weeks ago that I was the last of my cousins to have a boyfriend (or girlfriend). Even my 9-year-old cousin has had a girlfriend. Seriously, my family looks concerned (yes, my grandparents are a bit homophobic) and I can’t prove that I’m not gay because I have never had a boyfriend (I haven’t even kissed a boy yet).

So I wrote my stupid thoughts again. I thought that if I wrote in English, maybe someone would read it, though, probably, it is not as well-written as it should.

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