Love is lost

Because I only always expected the worse but hoped for the best. It’s sad when someone loves a drug more than they love you. It hurts and it kills. I thought this was over but it’ll never end. You’ll always chose to pop pills than to be with me. You say you love me but you wouldn’t stop for me, for our little family. My tears you see shed almost always and you have the least bit of guilt there is. What has happened to you? Why do you crave these more than a normal life? I give you everything and more but to you that’s not good enough. I deeply hurt but what happened tonight and I don’t think I can ever let this one go. You’ll always lie to me about something. You’ll always want what kills you. Until one day you are gone, gone for good. And I will keep replaying in my mind everything we’ve been through and how I could have helped you. I tried helping you babe I really did but it’s too late now. I thought we were going to be forever but I guess what I had to give you wasn’t enough. Now we can’t be together ever again. Because of stupid pills. I will not risk my son being around someone who is a pill addict. So sorry it hurts me more than you’ll ever know but Caleb is the most important person in my life and id so anything for him and to make sure he’s safe. God only knows the pain I’m feeling right now and he only knows how hard it is for me to say goodbye. I don’t want you with anyone else but I’d be very selfish if I said that since I’m leaving you. I’m not leaving you to find another guy I’m leaving you because you caused me so much pain and hurt and torture And stress I also want what’s best for my son. I hope you over come these problems you are having and that you can be free from your mind. We all have problems but it’s about how we deal and cope with them. I loved you and still do. I wish it wouldn’t hurt the way it does but I care too much about you to let you throw your life away. I hope you realize what pills can do to a family and a marriage. They end.

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  1. Hi- I know you don’t know me, but when I went through something really similar, it really helped me to go to Alanon support group meetings. You can find them anywhere. Best wishes for a brighter future 🙂

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