“Never have i thought this would happen in my life”….

Well, It all started on Febuary 27th, 2015. 

   On that day, i worked an 8 hour shift. That year has been shit so far, so i took a risk. I was single, loney and i did the best thing that has happened in my whole life. If People knew what i did, they would probably freak right out. I met a guy in a hotel room for the weekend. He wasn’t someone i met 2 nights before, but he was the guy i first laid eyes on and i knew i was in love.

   August of 2014 is when i first met him, he came up too me at the mall and asked for my number. Me, knowing i wasn’t doing anything wrong, gave it too him. We snapchatted, texted, talked on the phone, skyped but never met up again. He lived an hour and a half away from me, that was the only down fall. Everything he said too me made me feel like i was someone. He made me feel like i was important, like i made a difference in his life. I honestly have never ever felt that way about anyone else before. Nor has anyone made me feel that good about myself before. 

So as i was saying, He came up to my town so his friend could see his ole lady. They got a hotel room for the night and i went up after work. I was still in my work clothes, Looked nasty as hell and he still looked at me the same way he did at the mall when i was all prettied up. That was honesty the best weekend i have ever had. I felt free with someone who actually liked me for me.

After that weekend was over, i went home and he went home also. We talked about how much fun we had and how we were SO into one another. It was beautiful. I had a lose of words. Finally that next weekend, I made a tip down to his house. I was nervous, i couldn’t feel my toes, my heart was pumping so hard. I almost turned around to go home. But i couldn’t do that to him, I went right to his house and i was beyond excited when i saw his handsome face. He took my bags, and brought me into his room. When i walked in i saw a bunch of stuff sitting on his night stand. I said whats that, He said “This is a girlfriend starter kit”. i never smiled so hard. There was my favorite candy, drink, and smokes. Later that night we cuddled, he didn’t ask me for sex, didn’t force anything. I thought to myself all weekend, I want to spend the rest of my life with this young man.

Sure enough, I am now in love with my bestfriend, My soul mate, My everything. I want him to be mine intill i die. People tell me im only 18, i need to live my life. I can’t and shouldn’t settle down this young but this man is my WHOLE life.

-Just wanted to share our love story. Call me crazy but i really do love him through all of our little fights ;*

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