“One Story That I Never Told Before” …..

Me? im just a normal 18 year old girl from maine. I love doing the normal stuff, Camping, Fishing, Hiking ext. People ask me all the time, Will you ever move out of maine? the answer is no. Maine is home, Maine is where i grew up and maine is where i will die. That doesn’t mean i won’t travel. A girl can have dreams right?

But theres some things people don’t know about me, they have been kept inside of me long enough. This time last year these girls from school bullied me. My jeep was smashed up, i was pushed, punched, kicked, teased all because im a bigger girl. They were all ganging up on me, i couldn’t do a thing. They would brag about it to there friends and then they would get involved for no reason, it never concerned them one bit. People started waiting for me outside in the mornings, just to “Help me inside” as they called it. It was Hurtful, bruital, embarrassing, and it made me not want to go to school anymore. I went to the principal everytime it happened, but he didn’t believe a word i said. I felt useless. I did not have many close friends in highschool, i went there to get an education, not to show off my body.

One night I decided to post a picture on my Facebook, I felt pretty so why not right? Well, All the girls from school started in on it. All i got all night was ” Your so fat” “Why would you post something like that” “Go kill yourself” “This world woud be better without you” “Ill suppy the gun”.  Little do they know, i though about it many times. But i couldn’t put my family and friends though that. I love them way too much for that. The next day, i reported all of this to my principal, and again he said “Its social media, i dont see a thing wrong about this”. Thats when i went to the police and super attendent of my school and said enough is enough. Sadly, They didn’t do a damn thing about it. Thats when i finally relized, i have to handle it myself.

Next day, They had about 12-15 people in my parking space. Guys and girls, but i was ready. I pulled into my parking space and was hoping they were going to move. I got out, Locked my doors, and the “Leader” of that group came up to me and held a knife to my chest, She Said “Lets hope this is the last time i see your fat ugly c**t ass in my school” i looked at her, i said “I live in this god damn town too, i come here for an education and there is no way i am listening to your preppy ass anymore”. She went to stab me and i punched her in the face. I didn’t even go into the school, i just left. I told my mom what happened and that she was proud of what i did. She was out of state for work, but thats okay, Thats beside the point. Later that day, I got a call from my school and they needed me to come in ASAP with my computer. I didn’t think anything of it. Thats when he told me that i am Uninvited From That School. I had to turn in my laptop, Stop my education and get punished for what i had to stand up for cause he couldn’t get off his lazy ass and deal with it himself.

2Weeks after i got “Uninvited” i went to the Adult Ed program. That is a place where anyone who did not graduate or got the chance to, can go and get the credits they need for a GED or a diploma. After 9 Long, Hard, Painful months i graduated with the class of 2015! I walked across that stage, I got that Diploma, I earned that fair and square.


-So note to anyone who is being bullied, Who is Suicidal because of bullies, Who trys everything in life to get where you need too be. Let People Be Your inspiration, Let them lead you in the direction you need to go in, Not killing yourself, No harmful decisions. Show them up, Prove them wrong and Support yourself, When no one else will..


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  1. Thank you, I have never shared that story to anybody beside my parents and fiancé. But now I’m doing fantastic! Thank you again! ☺️

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