“They were on my desk”

I came home for a short weekend to visit family and my sick grandfather. I’ve had a decent week with eating, lost 5 pounds ­čÖé even with that knowledge MOM….Mom always has a folder with my name on it with some mail and bills (some stuff still gets sent to her house). I open the folder to find some bills AND several print outs regarding obesity, weight loss tips, and the best one, descriptions of all beverages with the calories and sugar highlighted! Funny though.. anyone that knows me knows that I only drink water, unsweetened tea, crystal light and diet soda. It’s funny, because FRUIT PUNCH AND COLA were highlighted and circled. I couldn’t even tell you the last time I drank those. I mean like really, fruit punch, am I 5?? I screamed at her (rightfully so) . Her explanation was “they were on my desk and I put them in your folder weeks ago”. *do you think I give a shit when you put them there? The fact is that you put them there*. ┬áThese fliers are even more offensive than today when she offered me a tomato at lunch. I HATE raw tomatoes. You’d think my own mother knows that. You would also think that she would know what type of soda I drank. Remember, mom, we weren’t allowed to drink regular soda like the other kids. I’d get even FATTER. ┬áThe other fliers were hilarious too. I was so mad that I can’t even remember all that they said (they are in the garbage ). It’s like every time I see her something has to ignite. Last time I came home, we actually had an okay weekend. But don’t worry, 10 minutes before I left to drive back home she told me how unhealthy I look. Never a dull moment! Once again, we can’t have one good day together. And nothing is her fault, EVER. So, as usual, this weekend is ruined. Moms a bitch, I’m fat. The end.



***side note*** moms a nutritionist, don’t know if I ever shared that with y’all.

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