Things about me.

Well I want to start this thing where I write my daily journals , hmm lets see first of all I’m kind of bi  (bisexual) I’m into boys and girls in a matter fact I have a boy crush since one year but I never told him for a reason that I really don’t know !! well maybe because my religion does not allow me too but anyways we will get to that later on.

My name is Alya but I love to be called as Al for an unknown reason, I love art and drawing but I’m losing the talent these days cause I’m to busy with my school shit -11th grade- anyways I’m into writhing like I REALLY LOVE IT you guys, I really don’t know what ales to say..

Let’s talk about my day , I woke up at 9;30 Am opened my laptop and started to watch orange is the new black i watched like 3 ep in a row and i was eating some healthy snacks till 1;00 when I went to take a bath all of a sudden it was raining and it felt like it’s 5pm, the water decided to shut off in the middle of my shower for an unknown reason thank god i washed out the soap from my body anyways i went and sat under the rain after i put on some clothes it was just ugh a great feeling..

it lasted for 2 hours then the sky went clear again and i went inside and opened my laptop again and started to watch orange is new black and that’s probably it till I decided to start writing my journals it’s like Why Not ? and i don’t know what ales to say hahaha have a great day and I’ll complete watching Orange Is The New Black..

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