I hate my roommate

Well, not really. Hate is not good for the person who does the hating.

It’s just that he does, well, doesn’t do, certain things around the house. Or nothing. He does nothing.

Let’s call him Roger and start from the beginning:

October 2013 – I finally manage to find a flat in this city. It is almost impossible. Roommates? Yes, three. Three very dirty almost 30-year-old men.

December 2013 – I get together with my current boyfriend, Stanley from now on, who is still living with his ex girlfriend (until she finds another place).

February 2014 – She moves out, Roger moves in. I start spending a lot of time in their place. Until I moved out of Dirtland in April this year, I think I spent 4 nights in my own room since February.

I notice how lazy Roger is, but since I spend a lot of time in his place, nothing comes out of my mouth because I am using his electricity, his water, his kitchen. Fine. In an agreement that was never made, only in my head, I decide that I’ll try and keep things clean, as an exchange.

Once in the summer I was cleaning the living room and he asked if I needed some help. That day I was in a good mood and said “nah, I’ll do it, thanks”.

That was it.

He would make his coffee in the morning, fill up the mug and drop the coffee on the way to his room. He would even drop coffee in the corridor, which is not on the way to his bedroom.

He loves putting stuff in the dishwasher instead ofย  doing the pots himself. I mean, who does? But he still has to learn how to play tetris with them.

He puts the sharp knives in the dishwasher, although they should not be washed there.

He doesn’t unload the dishwasher very often, but when he does, the things that are still wet are left to dry for days on the dish strainer instead of just drying them in 2 seconds.

When everything is finally dry and he decides to wash something himself, he puts the wet pot or pan on top of the dry stuff instead of removing them first.

The pans or pots that he washes himself are not put on the dish strainer upside down so they dry faster. Nope. The complete opposite. It’s nice to see how a day later the water is still in there.

Sometimes he doesn’t even wash the pans or pots properly. Why should he? I mean, wasting water and washing liquid to leave them as oily as before is the way to go, isn’t it?

And he doesn’t always wash the pan that I would like to use. Nope. His excuse is “but I need it in the morning again”. First of all, I just cannot understand how people can have fried stuff for breakfast. I guess it’s a cultural thing, but anyway, of course, because from 9 a.m. today until 9 a.m. tomorrow, no one else is going to need it. Or because if we need it we will clean it, use it, and then clean it again because we are normal people.

In this country people recycle. There are three containers here. One for organic waste and next to it the one for plastic. The one for paper is in a different place because there’s not enough room in the kitchen. Well, it seems that now the cardboard from his Skandinavian salmon is organic waste and I didn’t know about it. Same with the egg cardboard. And what about tuna? Or chicken? They are made of plastic! So what do I do? I put everything where it belongs.

Roger loves his toast for breakfast. If I didn’t have trouble with gluten I would probably have some too, but after the bread crums spread all over the microwave and worktop, I would clean them.

If I consumed protein powder and I were so lazy that I just open the package that’s on the top shelf and it went all over the place, I would also clean it and not let it stay there for a week.

If I used the oven and I put the tray on the table and it left a sticky stain, I would also clean it, but he probably didn’t even notice. After three days I couldn’t take it anymore.

I would also bring down the trash if I saw a million insects around it. Well, only when nothing fits anymore. When you cannot put more stuff on top without it falling down.

He doesn’t clean the bathroom. It doesn’t matter how dusty it is. No, sorry. I lied. He did it once because Stanley asked him to.

He sees that there is a stain on the mirror, but he leaves it there because it isn’t his.

Even if it is his mess, he just doesn’t do a thing.

Roger puts something in the oven and leaves a second later to go to his room and do god knows what instead of cleaning up a bit. Or he puts his chicken in the pan, that he will of course not clean, or not properly (although a few times I’ve been awed because he’s managed to do it right), and leaves to, once again, do nothing.

Those are just some of the things that annoy me.

I think he is 32, he is studying something law-related at university, which means that he’s been on summer vacation for a while. He is at home all day, except for the 2 hours that he spends at the gym plus the commute and once in a while he goes buy some food. Even when Roger had to go to class, he’d spend a lot of time at home, so I really do not get it.

Now, you are probably thinking “why don’t you fucking say something?”.

I moved in with them in April 2015 after almost a year of unofficial living there and we’ve been living in this new place since August. I am the kind of person that avoids confrontation in general, but if after one year I didn’t say anything (at first because I felt like I didn’t have the right), it is going to be much harder now. For those of you who have no trouble saying stuff, good for you, but some of us do.

Stanley said that at the end of the month we are going to sit down and talk to him. There’s a calender on the fridge in which we write when we cleaned something, when we brought the trash down, etc. Of course his name only shows up TWICE in two months. He once vaccumed the corridor and last week he took the trash down. I swear I thought a thief had stolen it.

Let’s see how it goes. Let’s see if I manage.

Or I will just hire someone to shoot him.



5 thoughts on “I hate my roommate”

  1. That sucks – if we could all afford it, life would be so much easier without roommates. Or at least, roommates we don’t really know. Cause if you were living with close friends/people who you know very well, it would be that less awkward talking to them about any issues that could arise. At least you’re not alone – at least you have some one to help you confront “Roger” about this. And at least you guys will talk to him about it. See how it goes.

    Btw, a pretty irrelevant question, but I was just wondering anyway: Which country are you currently living in? Also, do you know where Roger is from? It’s just cuz when you said, “In this country, people recycle”, and “I guess it’s a cultural thing” that made me wonder.

  2. Shoot him. It’ll save you from trying to teach this old dog a new trick. How did your boyfriend end up with Roger as a friend–maybe he should sit him down and leave you out of it so you don’t appear as the nagging girlfriend. I sincerely doubt you are, but who knows how this guy will interpret your irritation of his sloppiness.

  3. Carol:

    I don’t mind living with people, I actually find it quite nice. Having someone to talk to, or if something happens there’s always someone to give you a hand. Unless they are like Roger. But for people like me, I think living alone, or just with Stanley would be the best option. Maybe in the future.

    Let’s see what happens at the end of the month, and if he then changes or I’ll start putting post its all over the apartment =D

    Country of origin: Spain, country of residence: Germany =D


    When he gets me mad, I always turn to this friend that lives in Spain and he is so sick of hearing me complain about Roger that he said he’d come and kill him himself xD

    I am the perfect girlfriend xD but I still should say something. I have to get used to say things or I’ll die with loads of things in my chest that should have been said.

  4. @Geraldine: I saw both your reply here and the message you sent to my gmail – whenever you respond to my comment here, I’ll receive a notification to my gmail so I’ll read it, no worries ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anyway, in case you didn’t get my response from my gmail, I just said:

    “I saw your response on Good Night Journal but thanks for your consideration anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

    So, by “country of origin”, did you mean where “Roger” is from or where you’re from?”. <- Also, if that's where Roger's from, then may I ask where you're from? (Just out of curiosity).

    And I'd also like to add – I usually don't mind living with people either, but in your case, I would probably prefer just living together with the BF, more privacy to do whatever you want that way ๐Ÿ˜‰ But it's true that many people you meet will be pretty decent and helpful/considerate people anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. @Carol:

    Thanks for the reply!

    So, Roger is German (so is Stanley) and I am a Spaniard living in Germany.

    Fortunatelly, Roger is always in his room doing… nobody knows what. He must be so busy that he has no time to do anything around the house… He is not very loud, except for when he closes doors, because he slams them. Why don’t some people bother to pull the handle down a bit and then let it go once the door is closed? NOOOOO! Too much work! Oh, and when when he burps xD

    At some point I will write another post again about him =D

    Hope you are having a lovely time!

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