*What is something you dislike about yourself?*

I don’t like that I am not confident.

I’ve always had a problem with self-confidence and being open with people. I’m very much an introvert, and I only ever completely open up to people when I feel comfortable around them. If they’re a good person and they are nice (and often have a similar personality to me) that happens quite fast.

But unfortunately, not all people are what I usually think they are. I often open up to people, and then they end up not the people I got to know the first time around. Falling out, crying, lots and lots of shouting later, I crawl back into my little shell and refuse to come out for a long time. This is practically how I spent a majority of my school year last year.

I always want to open up to people a bit more, but I’ve also got a bit of a stinky and rude attitude. So I sometimes come off as rude, even when I don’t want to seem that way, but I just…can’t help it sometimes. It’s a part of me I can’t control, but I really want to.

My self-confidence also makes me have a horrible case of resting bitch face, and that is 99.99% of situations makes people think I’m a loner or I just don’t want to talk to people or get myself involved with people. But the thing is, every single person craves attention and someone to talk to — just for some people it takes longer to start the crave. It’s like if you imagine the Sims 3, and the socialising bar — mine goes down quite fast. I hate being lonely, more than I hate bullies (please don’t hate me about this — this is just me)


I found some awesome writing prompts online, therefore I decided to write from these prompts if my day wasn’t particularly interesting or I didn’t have any thoughts I would like to share. So, there you go. That’s why there are asterisks in the title — I use multiple websites for the prompts, so the asterisks just mean that it’s not my title idea.



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