These last few weeks are always the hardest. All I want to do is leave and be on the road and be free. I have 28 days before I can leave. Maybe 29 if I take D with me. Oh and I’ll need gas and food money so I can’t leave just yet.

Tonight I am going to dinner with the wonderful Sassy. We will be feasting on nachos from signal. Plus she’ll be able to check out my van. So far, even as dorky looking as it is with the light on top, those that have the van life think its a great deal.

I’ve had many people recently tell me to go to the grand canyon but I feel like I can’t. I can’t because that is where ben is and I need to move forward.

I had some dreams last night that kept me awake. This happened the last time that j was sleeping with my roommate. It feels as though I get pulled into his dream. As to what I was dreaming I don’t know but I feel as if a part of my own dream was with the ascended masters. I’d just have to go deep into my subconscious to find the message.

Maybe its the mountain calling to me.


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