I am.

I have been listening to a lot of Wayne Dyer. Powerful stuff. My sister enjoyed his work. And some in-law cousins/uncle are big followers of Dyer. I had been marginally familiar with his work. Recently a few things came at me that steered me to him. And I am so glad for that.  My sister’s passing – though a brutally painful experience – has taught me a lot. All things happen for a reason. While I would prefer to have her here, I am comforted by knowing and believing with every fiber of my being that she is truly in a better more beautiful place. While I would prefer that she were here – I am grateful for the lessons she taught me in her life and in her death. She never once spoke of not being “here” – and I believe now it was because even though her body is not here she is. She continues to be here. And always will be. As we all will.

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