Can I Be Better?

Thank god I can still change my reserved schedule for next term, I was scared that I might not be able to change it at all, my schedule should have be good enough so I can manage my time well around it. I just wonder how well I would do in the next term, will I get slightly better?, would I make a bug change of my self?, or would I just stay the same as I am this semester. Well probably at the 1 week of the 2nd semester I would act like a really confident student who is well organised and hard working who would put a lot of effort into his studies then probably around a week or two I would loose that confidence. I just wonder if I can keep my positive attitude stable throughout the whole semester without getting discouraged and carry on reaching my goal to pass my subjects, I need to keep this positive attitude, I need to keep my passion tighter in order to actually succeed being a student of Mapúa

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