Mediatation Workshop

Tomorrow morning, there is a mediatation workshop that is being offered at my job and I think I want to give it a shot.  I mean, I have nothing to lose and everything to gain from the experience.

I need to get my mind right because I do not like how I struggle mentally on a daily basis just trying to get through the day.  As previously mentioned, my ex is causing me all this mental anguish.  Oh how I miss him.  I miss how things used to be.  I long to be able to experience that kind of relationship again.  All I ever do is work work work.  I would like to believe that that is the reason that I can’t find a man but I tend to think the worse of myself in my inability to meet a man who is interested in me enough to actually want to date me.

Although I mildly suffer from low self-esteem, most of the time when I look in the mirror, I see a pretty woman.  I have some minor in-perfections but who doesn’t?  I’m no run-way model but I’m not chopped liver either.  Compound that with the fact that I am caring, loving, intelligent, independent, loyal, compassionate and passionate….oh and I can cook my ass off…..I mean what more does a man want?

I know I probably put too much stock into having a man but a sistah gets lonely sometimes :-(……maybe I should try having a woman :-)……more on that to come.



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